Logistics Engineering

Project Management

Operation Management

We translate your ‘logistic challenge’ into success.
Our Logistics Engineering Team always assists operations during the performance of the contract, beginning with the start-up phase.

  • Flow analysis and cost control
  • Process engineering/re-engineering
  • Design and co-design of solutions
  • IT implementation
  • Drafting of contract specifications
  • Lean Organization
  • KPI definition and reporting
  • Management control
  • Planning of a distribution network
  • WMS and TMS implementation

LMM acts as a Lead Logistics Provider (LLP), assuming the general responsibility for the whole Supply Chain and facing all the most critical points. The widened approach allows us to optimize the service while abating costs.
We are experts in the development of customized projects. Thanks to our team of professionals, exclusively dedicated to each client, we are able to propose and offer the best solutions for every project.

  • Design and construction of industrial buildings and warehouses
  • Design of internal layouts and logistic flows
  • Business Plan implementation
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Checking contract competitiveness

Our area of expertise is management of Human Resources.
At our clients’ warehouses – or at our platforms – we manage logistic contracts in outsourcing.
The precise measurement of KPIs allows a constant monitoring of stock profitability that, through an efficient management control, avoids inefficiencies and unproductiveness. Our service is completely customized, suited to the specific needs and built on the basis of a solid experience in most market sectors, such as LSRT & organized LSRT, Food & Beverages, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer & Retail, Energy, Fashion, Health & Beauty Care, Industrial, and IT.