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Join Liability in contracts: «Our group's strenght and reliability are the best guarantee for our clients.»

The Legislative Decree 276/2003 provides that, in case of contracted works or services, the client answers jointly with the contractor and each of any subcontractors for any credits relevant to retributions (including the indemnity leaving fund, TFR), contributions, and insurance premiums payable during the performance of the contractor’s agreement. LMM applies the collective labor agreements regularly, constantly reporting to the client regarding paid retributions and contributions: among our strong points, our group’s solid assets and reliability are foremost. Entrusting oneself to a company such as LMM completely guarantees its clients against the risks due to joint liability in contracts.

Our Mission is to directly plan and manage our clients’ logistics, starting with the analysis and revision of the processes: an approach that is strongly oriented towards logistics engineering, in which effectiveness springs out of technical, numerical and codified time studies and method analyses. Assessing problems and finding solutions is our systematic approach to implementing management projects for outsourced activities.

Our professionals’ twenty-year experience in the management of platforms has allowed us to quickly identify our clients’ needs and propose solutions with a variety of highly customized services that range from the analysis and design of warehouse layouts and/or operational flows, to the management of daily operations, solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core-business without wasting resources in specialized, non-focused activities.
LMM transforms your fixed costs into variable costs that can be constantly monitored, ensuring you the maximum possible flexibility: from the handling of goods in every single sub-process (unloading, entry, storage, picking, exit and loading of motor vehicles): all of the above, by fielding the best skills and competence available on the market.
We wish the client to acknowledge us as a truly proactive partner, capable of putting experience and professional competence at the client’s disposal, with the purpose of identifying the best solutions and optimizing processes and resources. All this with the purpose of generating tangible savings, a real abatement of operating costs, and constant improvements in the quality of the service.

Our focus covers all of the aspects of Outsourcing, from planning, to implementation, to control. Among the strong points that characterize LMM’s action, the direct management of the entire chain of the contracted works is among the central ones.
In fact, LMM’s competence is not limited to the analysis of the processes and the drafting of a project, but focuses on project implementation: LMM does not subcontract any part of the project implementation, but manages it directly. The possibility of having the same reference person that can monitor every step of the process is undoubtedly one of the reasons for our model’s success.

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